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Foott print photographic cards are 5" x 7" and are by photographer Jeff Foott and others. All cards are blank inside and have matching envelopes.

They are available as single cards or in a box of 8 cards/envelopes. Cards can also be put in a mat and framed.

Bengal Tiger Cubs by Kenneth HousemanSnow Monkey by Kenneth HousemanBullfrog by Jeff FoottSea Otter by Jeff FoottCalliope Hummingbird by Jeff FoottBottlenose  Dolphin by Jeff FoottOrca-Killer Whale by Jeff FoottBlack Bear & Berries by Jeff FoottStingrays by James D. WattHarbor Seal by James D. WattSilvertip Shark by James D. WattHarbor Seal in Kelp by James D. WattFiddler Crab by Jeff FoottNorthern Cardinal by Tom Vezo

Spectators- Polar Bears by Jeff Foott. Costa's Hummingbird by Jeff FoottGreat Blue Heron in Reeds by Jeff Foott

Snowy Owl by Jeff FoottGreat GRay Owl by Jeff Foott

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